4 x line
one as optional phono input

sensitivity line:

input 1+2

500 mV

input 3+4

200 mV

sensitivity phono:


3 mV


0,12/0,24 mV

s/n ratio line:

95 dB(A)

s/n ratio phono:


80 dB(A)


75 dB(A)



2 x 40W


2 V


dimensions (w x h x d):

260 x 170 x 350


15 kg incl. external power supply


frontplate blue, casing silver
others on request


This hybrid integrated amplifier joins together the essential merits of the pre- and power amplifier into one compact component. Many years of experience in developing amplifiers contribute to the excellent sound quality. No expense was spared on this integrated amplifier; for example, the casing – like those of pre- and power amplifiers – consists of single precision-engineered aluminium plates. Critical components such as the potentiometer and rotary switches are composed of top quality materials. This development was carried out without any output relays.
The Sitar integrated amplifier is equipped for the connection of four line signals. One of them can be replaced – optionally – by a phono stage. Signal treatment is handled by the fewest possible number of active devices. Therefore, it requires only two triodes and one MOS-FET impedance converter for the amplification of the line signal. The principle of minimalistic circuit design is continued in the optional phono stage. Two triodes are inserted for amplification of MM signals and for equalization for RIAA. The small signal of a MC cartridge is lifted up to MM level by a step-up transformer of highest quality.
An optional remote control is available for volume control.